electricity purchase consultancy

The first step in saving energy is certainly buying energy at advantageous prices. Buying energy is certainly the simplest step to take to optimize a company's energy costs. Since 1999, through the implementation of the European Directive EC 96/92 and by means of the Decree also known as the "Bersani Decree", the electricity market has been gradually liberalized and regulated by a new supervisory body: The Energy Authority electricity and gas; arriving up to today where all subjects in possession of a VAT number can purchase electricity in the free market. The purchase of energy in the free market, with the birth of numerous suppliers, has become very complex, (especially for the methods of sale and discount, referring to various parameters which then make up the final price of electricity). To aggravate everything is the haste that suppliers induce the customer to sign a contract. Who knows why the offer is always proposed close to expiry and is presented as a single train to be able to reach the free market which, having lost that ... B.F. Energy constantly monitors the electricity market, scrupulously analyzes the offers proposed by the trader, compares them with your needs and your consumption, then indicating the best offers.B.F. Energy searches for the best offer for your supply and continues to follow your consumption and electricity bills during the consultation, thus optimizing the purchase and the supply itself, alerting you of any anomalies in terms of consumption and power used.