what we do

B.F.energy s.r.l. is an established and avant-garde company that has been producing energy saving solutions since 2001. The company has been known and appreciated for the past twenty years mainly for its process control and management systems in the world of industrial automation. experience previously gained by the founding partner in the renewable energy sector and in the management of the supply of electricity has made the growth within the B.F. Energy S.r.l. a sector dedicated to consultancy for the purchase and sale of electricity at the service of companies as an Energy Manager.

We create small industrial automations intended to perform mass assembly solutions. In recent years we have specialized in machines for the industrial testing of various products during the production phases. The testing includes the functional and qualitative control of the manufactured products.
We have also created:
weighing systems
use under vacuum
painting machines
leak tests
fluxing tests
test safety valves
Advances in technology make it possible to support production with latest generation industrial robots. Designed to work in support of human operators, versatile in their parameterization with self-learning. coordinate their movements by accurately replicating all the operations related to manufacturing production.

Machine tending
Silicone coating
Mechanical workings
We produce switchboards for various types of industrial automation. The flexibility of the company allows us to create switchboards based on a specific customer project, even with mass production. It is also possible to create automation switchboards with B.F. Energy or turnkey solutions that include design, construction and on-board machine.

Some sectors where we already operate:
Panels for painting machines in ATEX execution
Panels for automations in the naval sector
Panels for machining centres
Frameworks for pick and place
Panels for bottling lines.
Energy efficiency
B.F. Energy deals with energy efficiency in the electricity sector. In recent years, many companies caught in the grip of the economic crisis, are starting to reflect on the use of energy. Electricity is the thermal energy that is most wasted. Our task is to improve the efficiency and use of electricity: with small tricks we can obtain big savings. Through a campaign of measures it is possible to identify the machines, the lights, etc. that are used inefficiently; by introducing building automation systems it is possible to turn on the lights when needed and turn them off when they are no longer needed in a simple and automatic way. The insertion of inverters in non-constant production cycles makes it possible to optimize the consumption of the machine as much as possible.