We have chosen to join the initiative proposed by @WelfareCare dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer.
Women who live in the municipality where the event will be held and who meet the required requirements, will be able to have free mammograms and ultrasounds with immediate delivery of the report.
The initiative is dedicated to women not included in screening programs* and allows free diagnostic tests to be carried out. Reservations will be available on the website close to the date of the event.
The official date will be communicated shortly.

Find out more about the initiative on and in their social channels!
*Age groups may vary according to regional health guidelines.
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new sealing
control system has devised a system for testing the tightness of the fumes of pellet stoves and more. The basic use is in the assembly line, created precisely to support long production cycles. The equipment is connected to the fume exhaust by means of a flexible pipe run the test, so the machine can test for fume leakage.
Below the official Brochure with all the info and how it works.